2019 Teachers and Leaders

We are very privileged to have a great team of teachers, interns and teaching assistants. Returning this year we have Bronte, Keyana, Ciara, Min and Zak. We also have Killian, Nate and Natalya who will be teaching this year after completing our 2018 Internship programme. Our leadership development programme this year has Stormy and Jess as our awesome Interns and Meg, Logan and Holly as our teaching assistants.

        2019 Management team

Our management team has also had some exciting changes! After saying goodbye to Matilda, we have filled her position. The management team is now made up of Bronte Te Mete our new Head Teacher, Alicia Murphy our new Studio Administrator and Barb who although will be stepping down from her full time Northcity role, she will still be involved in the Zion leadership Team. If you need to contact the management team, best way to do this is to email. We look forward to connecting and meeting you all this term.

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Killian Rewita – Teacher                                                Holly Blackburn – Teaching assistant                Bronte Te Mete – Head Teacher

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Meg Lancaster – Teaching assistant                        Natalya Jackson – Teacher                                   Stormy Whiteside – Intern

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Ciara McGinn – Teacher                                                Nate Ataera – Teacher                                              Keyana Beecroft – Teacher

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Alicia Murphy –  Studio Admin                               Min Bin – Teacher                                                      Logan Reilly – Teaching assistant


Jess Mclennan – Intern