Auditions our Biggest Ever!

Wow!  We had more dancers auditioning for 2019 advanced crews than we have ever had before!  A big job for the selection panel – who considered a range of factors in offering spaces to students including areas such as current skill level, potential and aptitude, attitude and commitment, dance style and how all of these components of each dancers will best fit together as part of the crew as a whole unit.

At Zion there is no hierarchy of elitism, each advanced crew is given as much investment and opportunity to succeed as any other – and an important part of how that works in practice is to consider the many things that come together to make a crew “work”.  The selection panel has put a lot of thought into how to best build crews who will be able to succeed and grow together and we all look forward to seeing the new combinations at work in 2019.

Congratulations to all of those who have been offered a place in an advanced crew next year!


Note:  Students and parents must understand that places are offered at the sole discretion of the selection panel in consideration the full range of component factors.  A student may accept or decline the space offered, and we are happy to meet with them to help them to make a decision about which option they would like to take.  However, no discussion will be entered into around why any dancer has not been offered a space in a different crew, nor around decisions relating to any dancer or person other than themselves.