Q:  How do I pay?

A:   For your convenience, there are several ways for you to pay:

  • The easiest way to pay is direct to our bank account – 03-1592-0383424-000.  Please include the student name and crew as a minimum reference and the invoice number if possible.
  • Alternately, you can put cash or a cheque into an envelope and drop it into the lockbox on the wall outside the small dance studio.  Again, please ensure that you write the student’s name, crew and (if possible) invoice number on the envelope.
  • During normal studio hours, we can take EFTPOS payments in the Zion cafe. (Apologies we do not accept Credit Card payments)

DO NOT give your payment to a teacher or intern to pass on for you.  Also, please note that staff in the Northcity church administration area are not Zion staff, so please don’t disrupt them to process payments for you.

If you require a receipt, please drop us an email or note your request for one with your payment.

Q:  How do I find out how much to pay?

A:   Most of the regular classes or combinations of classes are listed on our “Term Fees” page on this website.  However, if your particular combination of classes is not listed, please email [email protected] with a request for a confirmed price.  Please note that some classes or combinations of classes will be at invitation only (in consideration of the student’s ability, our timetable and spaces available) so it would be a good idea to have a conversation with the Studio Administrator anyway before trying to register for a non-standard combination.

Q:  What are the two different prices for?

A:  A discount applies for all term fees fully paid prior to the beginning of each term.  Term fees paid in installments or paid after the term has begun must be paid at the full (higher) amount.

Q:  How do I make a payment arrangement?

A:   Payment arrangements need to be in place, and an initial installment made, prior to the beginning of term unless agreed otherwise. We are happy for you to work out how often/how much can fit in your budget as long as the full amount has been cleared before the end of term.  Once you make an arrangement you need to stick to it, otherwise all future terms will need to be paid in advance without the installment option being available to you.  Please simply email your proposed payment schedule to [email protected] and arrange for the first installment to be paid prior to term starting.  If we have any concerns or questions, we will come back to you to discuss options.

Q:  How do I find out about options for financial assistance, scholarships etc?

A:   Please make an appointment with Barb Watson to discuss which of our assistance options will work best for you.

Q:  Who do I talk to about a missing payment or other issue with my account?

A:   Please contact Alicia Murphy, Tuesdays and Thursday 10am-12pm on 375-0850, or email her any time at [email protected]

Q:  What if my child doesn’t do the full term?

A:   Classes are charged as term fees – not individual class fees (except for some Open classes where specified).  If your child begins term late or misses classes for sickness, holidays etc, or simply because they don’t want to continue, deductions from the term fees or refunds are not applicable unless special circumstances apply and are agreed in advance with the Studio Administrator.

Q:  Are there costs other than term fees?

A:  Yes, there may be other costs to consider, such as:

  • In consultation with their teacher, crews will choose the costume for their term performance.  For younger students, this conversation will also include parents where practical.  We try to ensure that costumes can be made up of items that students will already have, or can obtain at low cost.  On occasion, particularly for crews who perform in the public arena rather than here at Zion, we may agree and stipulate a specific item of clothing.  However, we know that sometimes students advise their parents that they “must have” a particular garment or brand when that is not the case.  If parents or caregivers have any concerns or questions about costumes, they should contact us to discuss.
  • If extra classes are requested by crews outside the standard timetable sessions that make up the term, there will be an additional charge for those classes unless specifically agreed with Zion management.  Teaching and studio hire charges are incurred by Zion for every class we run.
  • On occasion, crews will be put together or have additional dancers added for public performances.  Additional practices will be added for these events, which may or may not incur a class cost – depending on the nature of the event.  Students will be advised if additional costs will be charged prior to their acceptance of being part of a performance crew.
  • If a student attends competitions or workshops, all associated costs (either shared or individually incurred) will be payable by the student.  On such occasions, Zion doesn’t charge additional fees or costs on top of those charged by external providers unless specified and agreed by participants in advance.
  • Any travel expenses will be oncharged at cost to participating travelers


  • Any debt collection expenses incurred to recover unpaid accounts will be added to the outstanding amount due and be the sole responsibility of the person who has registered or is financially responsible for the student/organisation being charged