Q:  How do I get in touch with Zion

A:   Email is the most efficient way to get in touch and we aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours.  It may be possible to contact Zion Studios by phone (03) 375-0850 from 3-4.30pm Monday-Thursday but this will depend on what they are involved in at that particular time (they may be in meetings, teaching, or  engaged elsewhere).

We do our best to keep everyone informed via the website and facebook pages, so many queries will be answered by checking those out first.

IMPORTANT – Please respect the fact that staff do not work 24-7 and and you should not expect to converse via text or social media etc, or get reponses to emails outside working hours.  It is not appropriate to private message staff using their personal facebook or email unless specifically invited to.

Q:  What is NOIZ Academy?

A:  NOIZ Academy is a compulsory component for all of our advanced students.  If a student accepts a position in an advanced crew, they are also enrolling in NOIZ Academy.  Please click here to find out more about NOIZ Academy.


Q:  What if there is a concern or issue?

A:   There are a number of things that can cause concerns that need to be addressed, but generally resolution for all of them comes down to being able to positively engage in conversations to resolve the issue.  On the rare occasions that a serious incident occurs, it will be treated as prescribed within the relevant Child & Vulnerable Person policy or Health & Safety policy.

In general situations though:

If a teacher or staff member has concern about a behaviour, attitude or incident involving a student, they will initially try to deal with it directly with the student in a relational manner.  Should that not be successful in resolving the issue, they will consult with the Management Team to determine the next steps – which will be dependent on the nature of the issue and the to-date level of response from the student to the concerns.

On occasion, the issue may be significant or recurring regularly, regardless of attempts made to address it.  A member of the Management Team will likely contact the student’s parent/s or caregiver/s to discuss the matter with them.  The aim of any such meeting is to constructively engage in finding a solution to the issue and allow the student to continue to be a part of Zion Studios.  These meetings will be – wherever possible – in person, rather than by telephone, text or email to ensure that communication can be clear and appropriate.

If a student has a concern or conflict with another student or teacher, wherever possible they should talk TO that person rather than ABOUT that person, having an appropriate mediator present if necessary.  Gossip, gathering ‘sides’ and complaints made inappropriately are unacceptable.  Where the issue is of a serious nature, they should approach the Studio Administrator to help them to determine the next steps.  If the concern is regarding the Studio Administrator or another member of the Management Team, they should talk to a different member of the Management Team, their parent/caregiver or a teacher.

If a parent or caregiver has any concern, they should address it to the Alicia Murphy, the Studio Administrator, in the first instance.  If they are uncomfortable doing this or unsatisfied with the response, they should contact Andre Esterhuzien – 03 375 0850 or [email protected]

On no occasion is it appropriate for a conflict, complaint or concern to be aired in a public forum such as social media rather than in discussion with the relevant person.  The credibility of the complaint is difficult to justify if it is not one which is worth dealing with in an appropriate manner.